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4 Ways to Increase Office Functionality for Your Employees


If your teams have productivity issues, and you’re having a hard time pinpointing the cause, take a closer look at your office. Does it really provide the kind of atmosphere, equipment, and conditions that are conducive to creativity and stress-free work? More often than not, business managers look to team relationships, training, work hours, and other factors that can impact their productivity – however, even when these are all in perfect order, your office might be the factor that is wreaking havoc on their work.

There are so many different factors that can affect the functionality of your office space. Everything from your floor plan, your tech gear, all the way to your lighting and noise levels can make or break the efficiency of your teams. So, here are four ways to help you increase your office functionality to grow your business and let your employees give their best at work!

Functional furniture

If you are keeping up with the times, then you most likely enjoy an open office floor plan, which means that most of your employees are working in a single space, which in turn boosts collaboration and improves transparency as well as company culture. However, you also need to choose office furniture that will make your team members feel more comfortable, work without back or neck pain, and without any limitations.

  • Choose ergonomic furniture for the sake of their long-term health. No pain means they’ll be able to focus and give their best, not to mention the fact they’ll love coming back to the office every day.
  • Consider standing or adjustable desks to give them more flexibility, movement, and once again, reduce their health issues. Our sedentary lives have caused enough trouble already.
  • Always put comfort first. Whether you’re choosing a sofa for the lounge area, seating options for the lobby, or your dining area’s table and chairs, make sure that every piece of furniture in your office serves a purpose, but preserves comfort, as well.

Streamlined communication

When you’re running a larger office, and you have clients, visitors, and partners coming in and out on a regular basis, not to mention the cleaning staff and possibly your kitchen staff – you need to avoid disruptions and distractions. Thanks to a variety of digital and automation tools, you can actually streamline your office organization and manage your employees and visitors with ease.

4 Ways to Increase Office Functionality for Your Employees

  • Introduce automation by using a visitor management app to always keep track of your deliveries, meetings, visitors, and have better control over your schedule. You’ll also gain valuable insights on how to boost your time management across the board, when your employees are busy talking to clients, and when you typically have more time for creative work.
  • Use project management software to ensure even workload distribution, accountability, staying on track with deadlines, and the like.
  • Chat tools are also a useful way to stay in touch with your remote teams and make sure that your in-house employees can successfully collaborate with anyone outside of the office. That will significantly improve their own focus and time management skills.

Let there be light

A typically overlooked factor when it comes to choosing the rental property for your office, your access to natural light is indeed a key component that will affect the functionality of your space. Luckily, modern offices are often well-equipped with wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows, adding that much-needed natural illumination into the mix. Sometimes, however, especially for businesses that have longer hours or night shifts, natural light isn’t enough, and you need to add high-quality fixtures that will make those later hours more productive and comfortable.

  • Think green and use long-lasting, eye-friendly LED lights to make sure your teams can work without issues.
  • Avoid types of fixtures that produce glare and too many shadows that will ultimately reduce productivity and comfort levels. Use diffuse lights and task lighting instead.
  • Position lights strategically in the places that will not disrupt their office stations, but provide ample lighting throughout the day and later in the evening.

Reduce office noise

Even the smallest companies are made of vastly different roles that require diverse office environments. If you’re not working in separate offices, then you might find your teams struggling to get the quiet time for creative contemplation or the room to converse with a client without having to whisper not to disturb others. Noise pollution is another common issue among companies working in urban regions and city centers, so dealing with this particular issue can make a difference in how functional your space really is.

  • Provide noise-cancelling headphones to your teams who need them. Sales agents need to hear your customers and prospects clearly to avoid misunderstandings and to improve the quality of their interaction. Then again, your designer might need them to get some music inspiration when working on a new infographic.
  • Use quality sound insulation in your office space, and if you’re looking for a new space, always ask the agent to check noise levels and insulation efforts in the building before you sign the contract.
  • Use office elements such as carpeting, greenery, and furniture to avoid too much noise or echo in your offices.

Every business has the potential to improve its inner workings for the benefit of its employees. Make sure that your office is really a reflection of your culture and your care for your employees’ wellbeing, and their productivity will soar in such a highly functional space.